About Us

Our mission is to give every SME the means to create employee magic: to remove the confusion and fears often associated with HR for SMEs and to give people the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve employee success in their businesses.

Handling complex HR issues can be a steep and scary learning curve. Whatever the HR headache - hiring, firing, managing poor performance or tackling a sticky legal issue - theHRhub is on hand to provide expert advice, support and tools. Leaving you to get on with your day job - safe in the knowledge that we've got your back covered with first class HR support.

Our core product is an HR subscription service for businesses with 2 to 200 employees. For just £95 a month you get industry-leading software, expert advice, tools, templates and the UK's first HR community platform connecting business leaders with their peers. The subscription service can be enhanced with our retained support - HR Cushion. Alternatively, if you're not quite ready for a subscription option, we can provide ad hoc support on a project basis - HR Guru. And for those just starting out, we have an HR Startup kit with all the documents and support you need to lay the foundations for employee greatness.

 “Like having your own team of HR directors on-hand… just without the price tag”

Our Approach

We bring together business leaders and HR experts in a unique online platform to exchange and share views on employee success and issues in a simple and safe way. Want to know how to hire on a shoestring? Or how to resolve performance issues without getting heavy? Our membership base of small business leaders are happy to share how they have dealt with these kind of situations to help you learn from them.

We provide On-demand direct HR Advice for the more specific and (potentially) thorny employee issues that the community can’t help with. Fully indemnified, this advice comes from our HR experts who have helped hundreds of businesses, giving you peace of mind, wherever you are.

We provide services and tools to boost the confidence and knowledge of SMEs with their employee success which include industry leading software to streamline your HR admin,  downloadable policy templates and letters galore, step by step guides to hold your hand through common situations and free pensions and benefits reviews to ensure you are auto-enrolment ready

We are Employee Success specialists

TheHRhub was founded by Claire Ward and a team of talented HR and Employee Success professionals, to provide a real-time solution for Startups and SMEs to hire, manage and grow their people.

Between the team at TheHRhub, we have decades of experience supporting successful people strategies in small and high growth companies, helping hundreds of business leaders (including many household names) and enabling thousands of employees to thrive in their companies. We’ve experienced the growing pains that come when a business expands and have learnt the best ways to support you and deliver results.

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