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The weeks running up to Christmas can be manic – both personally and professionally. Enjoy the festivities knowing that you have everything under control when the holiday season arrives with my happy holiday tips:

Wrap Up Holiday Cover Now

Plan early to make sure you have enough staff to cover your business during the holiday period. Lay out clear areas of autonomy/responsibility for those manning the office as well as defined chains of communication should an emergency arise.

Call Time Early

Make the team’s Christmas wish come true and let them go home early on Christmas Eve/New Years Eve if you can. Productivity is unlikely to be at its highest at this time anyway and it’s a wonderful gesture of goodwill. Remember how you felt when your teacher said that school was shut unexpectedly?

Give The Perfect Secret Santa Gift

Deodorant. A stapler from the stationary cupboard. We’ve all have a disappointing work Secret Santa experience. So rather than spending a tenner on something likely to be regifted next year, do your bit for CSR and make a donation in your recipient’s name to their favourite charity. Personalised, worthy and needed far more than desk snooker.

Let It All Out

Don’t put off difficult conversations to the New Year (it won’t help). You’ll feel better having dealt with them. The holidays will give all parties involved time to mull things over and get a bit of perspective.

Out With The Old…

If you do have down time between Christmas and New Year, put it to good use and clear all that admin. Give your inbox a spring clean and start 2015 afresh.

And Make Sure You Get Some Respite

Not everyone is in the position to wind down in the run up to the holiday season. For many, Christmas is their busiest time of year. However, taking a few days break at some point during the festivities is important in order to rest both body and mind. But if you really can’t get away from your desk and it all gets too much, practice Yoga at work or install a punch bag in the office. Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready to don the Lycra in front of your colleagues, down tools, take a break and go and get some fresh air. And whatever your holiday plans, look after yourself. It’s important that you are refreshed, revitalized and ready to inspire the team when they get back in the New Year.

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Photo Credit: cozy christmas by Jessica Quinn