HR Cushion

The best businesses know when to bring in that extra bit of support.

HR Cushion is a retained* HR Service which will give you the peace of mind knowing someone is always there on hand to help bolster your employee's success by providing you the right advice, support and tools for you and your team. That sense of 'Ahhh' if you will....

For a fixed fee, starting from as little as £200 per month your all encompassing support will include:

  • Ondemand support and advice from a dedicated HR Guru (delivered on-site or remotely depending on your preference) for all your employment matters
  • Review of any existing employment agreements/ policies
  • Access to all the Policies and Templates you need
  • Regular Legal Updates for you and your managers along with practical implementation tips
  • Access to Award Winning HR Software to streamline your HR Admin
  • Test your HRStrength with access to Benchmarking your HR and Employee Success practices

*Retained Services are for a minimum 6 or 12 month period. Don't want to sign up for retained? No problem. Pay-as-you-go HR here to help in the shape of our HR Guru service.

Say or call 0203 627 7048 to find out more now!