You’ve probably got a good idea of what you need cover off in a new start’s on boarding programme - the company info, core training and key people they need to meet etc. But what new employees themselves want from onboarding is slightly different. And it’s an important to bear this in mind given the recent reports that a third of new employees start looking for a new job within the first 3 months....

Here we’ve put our heads together to provide the top 5 things new starters want from onboarding:

1. Time With Their Manager

In our experience the number one thing fresh faces want from their on boarding programme is time time with the boss. The line manager should always be the one spearheading their induction and the main one immersing them into the business. Tempting as it is to delegate this elsewhere, given that the boss is the single most important person in an employee’s work life, passing the buck would be a mistake.

2. On The Job Training

Making a good impression as quickly as possible is always high on the agenda for new employees. They want to show you what they can do so will want to get an idea of how to do the job as quickly as possible. Again, some of this training should definitely be done by the boss, with practical skills being covered of by peers or a mentor.

3. To Know The Rules

New starters don’t want to make mistakes. They will be keen to understand the nuances of your company policies so they know the rules of the game and can avoid putting a foot wrong. Important as this is - a lengthy review of company policies on day one might be a bit much. Circulate this information before their first day, perhaps supported by a quick online quiz for them to complete once they start.

4. Opportunities To Bond With Colleagues

Having friendships at work is an important contributor to employee engagement and retention levels. Whilst it’s definitely something that might be more of an issue for some than others, it’s definitely worth bearing in mind in the first few weeks and months. So allocate some time away from the office where newbies can start to nurture friendships with their peers.

5. An Understanding Of Company Culture

This one can’t be covered off with a powerpoint presentation or flip chart. You and the team need to actively demonstrate your cultural norms to new employees. So whether its clocking off on time and taking regular breaks to combat work stress or promoting wellbeing by cycling to work or always taking the stairs - culture is a living breathing thing and is set from the top….

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