If you’re like most employers, then the very first time you realised you needed some people policies to make sure that you’re compliant with the law and/or drive performance and engagement, you probably carried out a quick Google search to grab what you needed or dug out the old ones from your last firm. Sound familiar?

And for many it seems like the obvious place to start. After all, "in Google we trust" is the mantra of many....

But sometimes of course, it pays to exercise more than just a little bit of caution. You’d hope to know better than to search for specific medical advice online ("there you go, there might just be the need for the 7 years plus medical school training after all" being the words muttered by my husband's consultant as the patient in question had just wrongly diagnosed any eye injury), or just hope for the best when it comes to pulling your finances together… So would you really risk a search engine to give you the policies and templates that have the power to make or destroy your business??

Here’s why you might want to have a rethink…

You Have No Real Idea Where Your Advice Is Coming From

You don’t have to be an expert legal advisor, or even an HR consultant, to knock up a website and share your views and opinions online. Pretty much anyone with a laptop and the patience to watch a few YouTube videos can do it. You might say that it would be pretty pointless for someone to intentionally give you the wrong advice, and that’s probably true. But it’s not worth leaving anything to chance.

Working with a skilled HR professional will make sure that your documentation is informed by legal requirements and cutting-edge best practice.

The Law Changes Regularly

What applies right now in terms of good HR advice isn’t necessarily going to be good advice 6 months from now. New legislation is released on a regular basis, and it’s your job to make sure that you are compliant.

When you access information and templates online, you can never be certain when they were last updated. Of course, we always keep you up to date with what you really need to know, so it pays to sign up for our free updates.

One Size Doesn’t Necessarily Fit All

It’s true that the law applies across the board, regardless of what kind of business you run. You’re not exempt from following the rules just because you have just a few employees, for example. Still though, there are certain things that only apply to businesses of a certain size, and what works for a large multinational corporation isn’t necessarily going to work for a small family business.

When you work with a professional to get what you need, you can ensure that your practices are fit for purpose. Your HR consultant can get to know your individual needs, and craft a strategy accordingly.

There are times in your business when doing a few online searches is going to give you exactly what you need. But when it comes to managing your most valuable asset – your people – it’s never worth cutting corners.

If you’re concerned about whether your practices are hitting the mark, get in touch today and we can have a no-obligation chat about where you stand, and what your options are. Call us on 0203 627 7048 or drop us a line at hello@thehrhub.co.uk

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